When visiting a John Singer Sargent exhibition at the age of nine, I was in awe of the artist's talent and hoped to stroke the canvas with similar conviction one day. I had no idea then that I would now be painting portraits.The challenge of capturing the essence of a person, especially the innocence of children is rewarding. Portrait painting is an enriching experience and a way of getting to know clients and subjects in a unique way. I work exclusively in oil on canvas.

Although based in the Philadelphia area, I accept commissions anywhere in the United States and Canada. These portraits are in many private homes and corporate collections. After being accepted at Cambridge College of Art,

I opted to study at Stevenage College, which offered a more commercial art application, graduating in 1976. I worked as an art director and illustrator in London, England and Toronto, Canada until 1990. 

Published in many areas of the media at that time, my passion for rendering people became clear. I apprenticed for a short time with renowned portrait painter Nishan Yardumian of Philadelphia.


In 1990 I began a new career in portraiture. My most significant area of renewal has been the Cape Cod School of Art, with its advanced portrait training with one of America's top portrait painters, Cedric B. Egeli of Annapolis. As a result my portraits follow the impressionist school of portrait painting.